Hi, my name is Katrina Seidman. I help people improve their health by making small changes in their eating and exercise habits. I’m a Registered Dietitian (RD) and wellness coach with a background in exercise physiology, and I specialize in weight management. I love to dance, run, swim, cycle, and lift weights, and you will most often find me in my kitchen cooking up tasty but healthy eats for me and my husband Dan. Have a nutrition question? Leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to answer it. Happy Eating!

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  1. Kelly Torray-Garcia

    Hi, Katrina! I’m so excited to hear you are a dietician. I would love your help with some things so I’m wondering what you charge your clients? Specifically, I would like to lose some weight as I feel my metabolism as become more sluggish as I’ve gotten older. I also had a baby 7 months ago. Let me know! Thanks!!!

  2. Katrina Seidman,
    We are pleased to inform you that the OrganizedWisdom Medical Review team has selected you as an Expert Curator. You were recommended to the Review Team as a Nutritionist and Dietitian. Being selected as an Expert Curator is a prestigious honor based on sharing quality resources online and your expertise for the benefit of others.
    See your OrganizedWisdom Profile: Katrina Seidman RD Profile: http://organizedwisdom.com/Katrina-Seidman-RD/KSeidmanRD/pxno/med

    You’ll see in your profile that we link directly to the resources you share. We are pleased to help bring more visitors to your site and blog by linking to your site posts. Notice in the right rail of your profile under “Grab a Badge,” you can choose an image to link your readers to your OrganizedWisdom profile.

    See other Expert Curator Dietitians and Expert Curator Nutritionists.

    Check out other great Expert Curator profiles:

    Alan Greene, MD: Profile and Weekly Digest
    Carol Eldridge, DPN: Profile and Weekly Digest
    Dr. Bobby McDonald: Profile and Weekly Digest
    Andrew Weil, MD: Profile and Weekly Digest

    With the explosion of health information publicly shared via social media and available on thousands of Web sites, often with little to no order or full disclosure of the source, there is a need to aggregate the information in a meaningful and useful way. OrganizedWisdom is organizing this wealth of health information and the health professionals, experts, and advocates who are using social media as a powerful communication platform for people searching online.

    One of our goals is to promote the quality work that you are doing. Our platform is specifically designed to appeal to prolific health experts. Our links to your work hopefully will drive many more users to your information. We only organize and promote the work of health experts and sites that meet our criteria.

    If you’d like to discuss our mission or the numerous ways we are trying to promote your resources and work, please feel free to email or call Julie Bohlen (402-469-2535). See Expert Curator Benefits and FAQs. Julie will feature you in an upcoming blog post.

    Congratulations on your selection as an Expert Curator by our Medical Review team. Thank you for helping people discover the best health resources online.


    Julie Bohlen
    VP Professional Services

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    Chief Medical Officer

    Julie Bohlen, MBA, ELS
    Vice President Professional Services
    OrganizedWisdom Health

    Cell: 402.469.2535
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  3. Katrina, I too would be interested in your dietician services. Please contact me and let me know. Many thanks! 🙂

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