Quick tips and a grocery list for making fast, healthy meals at home.

Here are some quick tips for getting dinners on the table every night of the week, along with a list of groceries and kitchen essentials…

 Plan your meals, make your list, and grocery shop on a regular basis.
 Practice healthy cooking techniques.
 Cook and freeze. Use leftovers in new ways.
 Try a new recipe or new kind of produce each week.
 Have FUN and ENJOY your meals with those you love.

Your Healthy Grocery List:

Refrigerator Staples
 Fresh, sliced fruit and vegetables
 Prewashed salad greens
 Eggs, lean, low-sodium turkey breast
 Low fat/ nonfat cheese, yogurt, milk
 High flavor cheeses
 Rotisserie chicken
 Leftovers from the night before

Freezer Staples
 Vegetables and fruit, no sauce/sugar added
 Fish, skinless poultry, and lean (or trimmed) meats
 Veggie, salmon, turkey burgers
 Lean ground poultry and meat
 Healthy, low sodium entrees
 Whole grain breads, bagels, tortillas
 Pre-cooked and portioned homemade soups and entrees

Pantry Staples
 Low-sodium or no salt added:
      Canned beans/lentils (all types)
      Canned tomato products
 Fruit (in water/juice only)
 Whole grains
 Dried beans/lentils
 Chunk light tuna (in water), salmon, chicken, clams, sardines
 Nuts, seeds, dried fruits

Flavor Enhancers
 Vinegars, mustards, hot pepper
 Cayenne, crushed red pepper flakes, hot sauce, wasabi
 Low-sodium soy sauce
 Flavored broth or stock
 Grated Parmesan or Romano cheese
 Tapenade (olive paste)
 Melted anchovies or anchovy paste
 Salt-free seasoning blends
 Herbs & spices
 Citrus juice and zest
 Grated ginger, onions, and garlic

Your Healthy Cooking Tools:

 Nonstick cookware
 Steamer basket insert or microwave
 Plastic flexible cutting mat
 Hand grater
 Veggie peelers
 Good chef’s knife and sharpener
 Wooden spoons
 Silicone spatulas
 Baking dishes
 Roasting rack with handles
 Aluminum foil /parchment paper
 Blender or food processor
 Slow cooker
 Grill or grill-pan
 Thermometer

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