Hungry Teen? Here are some healthy picks

hummus with baby carrots, cherry tomatoes (no cutting/chopping necessary)

frozen meals: Kashi, Amy’s Organic low sodium, Boca and Morning star burgers on whole wheat buns like martin’s whole wheat potato rolls with ketuchup, mustard, pickles, etc.

individual string cheese (low-fat)

nonfat Greek yogurt cups

order thin crust pizza delivery preferably with veggies (onions, mushrooms, peppers) and have baby carrots and low fat ranch dressing to dip at home with it

put colorful fresh hand fruit (bananas, apples, pears, oranges) in a bowl on the counter for everyone to see

low sodium deli turkey on whole wheat bread or pita with low fat cheese and mustard

tacos with lean ground beef (>90%) with low sodium taco seasoning wrapped in corn tortillas with salsa

baked chips (Tostitos scoops are great) for dipping into salsa

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