5 Tips to Save Your Waist this Holiday Season

  • Eat slowly and ENJOY the food! This will help you to feel full before you have overeaten. An easy strategy is to put your fork down between each bite and chew at least 10 times for every mouthful.
  • Don’t let the buffet control you! Use a small plate and fill half with fresh fruits and vegetables, one quarter with protein (chicken, turkey, or fish, shellfish, eggs, and tofu) and the other quarter with high-fiber starches (peas, beans, sweet potatoes, and brown rice).  Allow one layer of food only, and choose only the most simply prepared items. Steer clear of high-calorie sauces and dips. (Make your own low-calorie versions and bring as a contribution to the party!)
  • Shift your focus away from food. Chatting at a dinner party or helping out with the dishes is a surefire way to keep your hands away from second helpings and food buffets. It also makes for a happy host!
  • Be selective about sweets! Choose a small portion of the dessert that is most appealing to you, make it last for five minutes if you can, and enjoy every bite! Or, BYOLCD! (Bring your own low-calorie dessert!)
  • Kick the Lickin’ in the Kitchen! Pop a piece of sugarless gum, savor a sugarless mint, or rinse with strong mouthwash right before cooking and baking to entertain your taste buds so that you can easily avoid mindless eating.

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